Recording a Homestead Form can protect your principal residence(the house where you live) from creditors (people to whom you owe money) such as mortgage.

In some jurisdiction, homestead is provided at the time of purchase but in many areas you will need to file with your state.

Homestead protection has varying levels that will depend on your individual situation. Minimum $50.000 if you occupy the home alone and $75.000 if there is another family member living with you who does not own any portion of the house. If you are 55 or 65 or older, disabled and single with an income of less than 15.000, minimum $150.000. Minimum $150.000 for married couple with a joint income of $20.000 or less.

Help4You can assist you prepare all the required paperwork and file it with the County Recorder.

Property Grant Deed required or if you have misplaced Help4You can draw the records for $20.00.

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